Monday, November 15, 2010

Kauai, Day #2: The South Shore

Today you get an abbreviated post because I’m tired.  (Vacation is such hard work!)  No worries – I have lots of photos; I just don’t have much energy!

Here’s a Reader’s Digest version of the day:

Pick up snorkel gear at this cool place:


Head up to Wailua Falls.  Take pictures…



…and a video (as promised):

Wailua Falls, Kauai

From there, we headed south to Po’ipu… through the tree tunnel..


and snorkeled here, at Lawa’i Beach:



See all those tiny dots in the water?  Those are snorkelers!

The fish were amazing and colorful and plentiful!  Lots and lots of Finding Nemo fish, swimming all around us!  I thinkl we saw just about all of these fish:


And then, as I was snorkeling alone, I saw a sea turtle swim right under me!  I called Tom (hard to do with a snorkel in your mouth) and we both just hung with Crush (“Duuuude!”) for a while.  So incredibly cool! 

Obviously, I couldn’t get any photos underwater (we’ve tried those underwater cameras, but they’re pretty much useless), so here are a few over-water photos of where we snorkeled:


After our post-snorkel picnic lunch we headed to Po’ipu Beach which was toooo crowded!  (We’ve apparently been spoiled by some of the long, deserted beaches on the North Shore yesterday!)


Like Ke’e Beach yesterday, we had high expectations for Po’ipu Beach, and they simply weren’t met.  There are many much nicer beaches on the island, in our opinion!

But this tombolo IS pretty cool! 


Pretty confusing, eh?  Two beaches, facing each other – and another facing each of the two!  Weird!

And then we headed to the Spouting Horn.  I even took a video for you!

Spouting Horn, Kauai


Here are a few more random photos from the day:



(That’s a turtle!)


(That’s a gecko!)

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