Monday, November 08, 2010

Abby and the Animals

Look who came over to visit for a bit this evening – Abigail, our adorable next door neighbor – who just had her first birthday on Saturday!  Her daddy broke his toe last night (and will have surgery tomorrow!), so Tom and I took Abby for a bit this evening to give her very busy and tired mommy a break.  What a joy she is!

Shasta’s sure Abby was here solely to play.

Abby and Shasta

Bailey isn’t sure why she’s here.

Abby and Bailey

(And macho Boo was scared of sweet Abby and hid under the bed!)

Me?  Ready for grandchildren?  Sure!  But our kids are pretty far from ready to provide them for my enjoyment.  Good thing we have Abby nearby!


Isn’t she adorable?

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Tonya said...

Makes you realize that while all babies are precious, not all of them are jaw-dropping adorable!

Carol said...

Tonya, you forgot to add "like Abby is"! Abby has been jaw-dropping adorable since day one!

Goofball said...

she's very adorable

Kimberly said...

thanks everyone--i think she is pretty dang cute too :) tee hee

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