Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oahu, Evening #1 (Trip day #6): A visit with friends and a(nother) beautiful sunset

Jane was my very best friend in high school.  She up and moved to Hawaii a few days after her youngest graduated from high school.  This place definitely suits her. It was absolutely wonderful to see her and we took up as if we hadn’t been apart at all.


Then Lynn, another high school friend who we hadn’t seen for at least 25 years and who, it turns out, also lives on Oahu, joined us… and brought fresh Hawaiian leis (that smell fabulous!) and Hawaiian chocolate with her. We were having fun even before our drinks!


Tom was an angel (see the halo?) to hang us with us girls all evening, listening us talk about people he didn’t know and experiences her didn’t have.


Drinks! With friends! At sunset!  (Bliss!)





We watched some street performers and hula dancers for a while (I got great video, which I’ll post later. but no photos), and then we joined the family who “brought Jane to the Island” at  a small, obscure local restaurant for… CRAB!


Today we’ll pick up Jane at her place, which is a stone’s throw from the beach on the other side of the island, and head to the North Shore and wherever else Jane wants to take us! Then tonight, we’ll pack up to head home.  I am seriously worried at Tom being “forced” back to Seattle.  I swear, he’d rip up his return ticket if he could.  Snow in the forecast for Seattle does NOT help.

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Lynn said...

The weather in the Seattle area will be a real shocker for sure! We went from fall to winter in just the week you've been in Hawaii. And, the temps are supposed to fall to sub-freezing by Monday! (shhh, don't tell Tom or he might really tear up that ticket!) Loved all your pics and daily tour reports. It was so much fun to travel vicariously with you--and not even have to submit to the "porn scanners" or the groping of TSA! Have a safe trip home and make sure you have coats accessible when you land. Brrrrr...

jennifer said...

This may be the first set of pics from your trip where Tom isn't wearing that same pair of Hawaiian shorts. Did he finally decide to put them in the laundry pile??

Echoing the comment above: better put long pants on for the plane trip home and have coats at the ready!

Goofball said...

that halo on tom's head is fantastic

Heidi said...

Enjoying your photos SO much. We all miss Maui and are envious of my parents who are still there!

Question, is the picture of you with Tom with Diamond head in the distance at the Halekulani Hotel?? My hubby and I spent 2 nights there on our honeymoon. LOVE to have a tropical drink and listen to the music and watch the dancer (Kanoe Miller).

Ahhh.....nothing like looking at pictures of Hawaii while it snows outside here in Mill Creek!

Heidi said...

I just looked again and answered my own question, you are at the Moana, one of my other favorite hotels. LOVE the long porch with the rocking chairs!

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