Monday, April 19, 2010

If you’re a mom, you’ll understand

(A recent IM with a friend:)

Carol says (4:57 PM):
Still no word from my guy, stranded somewhere in Italy (I think).
Ann says (4:57 PM):
oh no!
Carol says (4:57 PM):
He's fine, I'm sure.
Ann says (4:57 PM):
well, he's probably safe, at least.  Just not having things go according to plans.
And what a story he'll have!
Carol says (4:58 PM):
Exactly... he has no choice but to deal.
Ann says (4:58 PM):
yeah - character-building experience!
Carol says (4:58 PM):
Ann says (5:00 PM):
and he's with friends, right?
Carol says (5:00 PM):
Yes, one guy and a bunch of girls.  Poor guy!
Ann says (5:01 PM):
Let me get out my tiny violin....

Ann says (5:08 PM):
let's put it this way: when I look at this picture, I understand why airplanes are not flying in it! 


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Lynn said...

I'm a mom and I understand...

Sending good vibes that all turns out fine, and lots of good stories come from this experience.


Goofball said...

the brussels airport is getting opened this morning for landing planes and from 2PM they'll allow planes to leave as well.

And that horrible picture..... it's really a blue sky above Europe. Everyone had a sun burnt face at work

Treff said...

Sending good thoughts your way!!! If he can get to Berlin, please let me know if there is anything I can do!!

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