Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 ingredient, 3 minute (but all day) German-style pork roast

Pork.  It’s what’s for dinner.

We’re not eating much red meat these days, but I found a nice cut of pork on sale and decided it was time for a good German-style pork roast for dinner.  Ironically, I had to avoid a day when Elisabeth or Kat might be home, as neither of them eat pork.  Peter, on the other hand, loves the stuff and especially loves sauerkraut (good German that he is), so Peter, if you’re reading this, feel free to hop in the car and drive five hours.  Dinner will be at around 7:00 and we’d love to see you!  And Aleks?  Well, shed no tears for Aleks (that was last week, when he was stuck in the Milan train station… he finally found a series of trains that got him home to Prague– though it took over 24 hours) because Aleks is in Budapest right now, eating deliciousness that I’m sure far exceeds his mama’s pork roast.

So here’s the simplest recipe on earth – except PB&J, that’s pretty dang simple.

Snip a few fresh herbs from the mini herb garden you planted last week and can’t believe is still alive…


Place a bunch of (that’s as specific as I’m gonna get here, folks!) small red or white potatoes in the bottom of a crock pot.  Place a pork roast on top of them and then top meat with the fresh herbs from your oh-my-god-they’re-still-alive kitchen widow sill garden.  Salt and pepper the roast.  Then take a jar of sauerkraut and pour it all – liquid included – around…


…and on top of the meat.


Sprinkle caraway seeds on top the the whole beautiful mess.  Cover.

Then go to work.  Work, work, work.  (Still adoring your new job…)

After work, walk around Green Lake with one of your daughters who doesn’t like pork, but who was home yesterday and with whom you cooked yummy vegetable lasagna. 

(The distance around Green Lake is almost exactly the same as the distance you’ll be walking/running in August when you participate in the Seattle Danskin Triathlon, so this is a must.  Do not decide that you are too tired to walk around Green Lake and you’d rather just get home to your beloved pot roast.)

Take pictures on your walk around Green Lake today when it’s forecasted to be sunny because the pictures you took on your Green Lake walk on Tuesday, when it was cloudy and yukky, are not blog-worthy.

(By the way, I lied about three ingredients… IF you consider herbs, salt, pepper and caraway seeds ingredients.  OK, fine! Change the title to 6-or-7 ingredient, 6-or-7 hour German Style Pork Roast.)

Call it what you want.  Just enjoy it.

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