Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pemco Insurance: The fly on our wall

I love these commercials – mostly because they are absolutely spot-on in pegging us Pacific Northwesterners.

I wish this radio ad had visuals for you, dear reader… but we Seattleites don’t even need visuals because we know exactly what this looks like:

Here are some more “a lot like you… a little different” Pemco ads. If you don’t get them, that’s OK. You kinda have to live in the Pacific Northwest to really understand.

And some more radio ads that are worth imagining… if you CAN!

And if you need some visual assistance, you can get it here.

If you’re shaking your head, insisting you just don’t get it… well, head-shaking-clueless-about-Pacific-Northwesterners guy, you’re definitely not one of us.

But because we’re from the Pacific Northwest, we love you anyway.

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Tonya said...

I love the blue tarp camper. Before we got the camping trailer at Harstine, we spent a couple of summers doing exactly that. Blue tent, blue tarp, pouring rain. All in the shadow of the MacMansion next door. Fun times!

Heidi said...

My favorite it NW Profile #4 because it's just SO true! LOL And I used to live right near there, so it has even more authenticity for me. :)

Unknown said...

Good morning Carol,

I'm very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the lighthearted, sometimes quirky profiles of our Northwest neighbors that are featured in the PEMCO “Were A Lot Like You…“ campaign. I’m Rod Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer for PEMCO Insurance, and I wanted to reach out and thank you for the mention in your Northwest Lady blog yesterday. What a pleasant surprise to see some of your favorites being featured and talked about. A goal for the campaign has been to coax a knowing smile from the people of the northwest, while demonstrating that we truly know our customers and the nuances that are part of their lives. As the northwest’s largest local insurance company we think it’s our job to be that “fly on your wall”. Thanks for inviting us into your circle of friends.
By the way, here’s a link to the visuals that go with NW Profile # 64 - Green Lake Power Walkers… and all the rest of the gang. Enjoy!

Best regards,

Northwest Marketing Guy

Tiffany said...

Hey there! I found your blog via Pioner Woman after she visited the wonderful Pacific Northwest. I love the Pemco ads. They are the best. I think I can tie each one of them to one of my friends or family members! Thanks for sharing your great blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jennifer said...

Haa ha ha ha this is so awesome that the Penco Marketing Guy left a comment!

I love these ads too. I am COMPLETELY, 100% the Socks-and-Sandals guy (I love it when he gets out of bed and his wife across the bed is pulling on a fleece vest!) and I'm also the relentless recycler.

I think they need one about the bike commuters in the rain, with all the raingear and fenders and Rain-EX on our glasses and all our stuff packed in plastic bags. Hey Rod, can you work on that?

Goofball said...

there's funny adds and I recognise some canadians in them too (you know...those living in the canadian pacific not that far from you at all :) )

too fun that the Pemco guy found your blog :)

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