Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One woman’s nuttin’ is another woman’s sumpin’ (Huff-puff)

So I ran today for the first time in (gulp) years.

I didn’t run far and I certainly didn’t run fast, but I ran.

Considering that just over a year ago I took my first steps a full 13 weeks after breaking my ankle (remember this?)…

running today was kinda sorta an achievement for l’il ol’ me!

We can either blame or credit Elisabeth for my achievement, since she absolutely insisted that I run part of the way around Green Lake today – and she insisted that I do it twice! I whined and begged and cried, but she was ruthless and unrelenting, meanie daughter that she is!

So here’s where I ran:

Green Lake

According to Trails.com, that’s .537 miles! On Thursday, Elisabeth will make me run three times! She seems to believe that by the time the Seattle Danskin Triathlon comes around in August, I’ll be able to easily run the whole 3 miles around Green Lake – and the whole 3-point-something miles in the triathlon. Today I can’t even imagine that, but perhaps by next week I’ll think (and feel) differently.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to yoga class, where I make a total fool of myself. Seriously, who can put their ankle into their groin and stand like that, still as a tree, for two frikkin’ minutes?! I can’t even stand on one foot (especially my injured foot) without just about falling over! And yet, I will subject myself to another hour of yoga tomorrow…

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Goofball said...

the point of yoga is to find yourself in the present moment and to let all the rest go.

So who cares you can't keep your balance during 2 minutes...the point is that you find your balance for as long as you can. And one day it's more and one day it's less according to your needs that day. But the excercises will do you good.

In my yoga class it's a well mixed group (ages, gender, size, ...) and our teacher keeps repeating that you must keep up the excercise as long as you can. And you notice that not everone does all excercises and that's totally cool. He keeps telling us also "don't look around, maybe your neighbour has been practising yoga for 10 years each day already, that's not relevant for you. Accepting that is part of doing yoga."

c said...

Have you tried Zumba?

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