Thursday, April 01, 2010

Swinging Sisters

As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, Elisabeth had to go and blab to inspire Kat about the joys of trapezing!  So now instead of just one daughter giving me a heart attack, I have two

(Plus a son across the world in Prague and another son seriously considering a possible internship in Australia!  I’ll tell ya -- it was easier on the blood pressure when “adventure” for these four siblings consisted of playing laser tag in the forest!)

So here’s how Kat and Elisabeth spent this afternoon (be still my pounding heart!):

25861_934103202543_1202896_51069255_1066347_n25861_934103177593_1202896_51069250_8272278_n  25861_934103217513_1202896_51069256_3832466_n  25861_934103237473_1202896_51069260_7567497_n 25861_934103247453_1202896_51069262_2036424_n 25861_934103252443_1202896_51069263_5416379_n 25861_934103272403_1202896_51069266_3637104_n 25861_934103277393_1202896_51069267_4927271_n 25861_934103307333_1202896_51069271_4593554_n 25861_934103317313_1202896_51069272_3656755_n 25861_934103322303_1202896_51069273_664528_n 25861_934103332283_1202896_51069275_4240121_n 25861_934103342263_1202896_51069276_888679_n 25861_934103352243_1202896_51069278_4464154_n 25861_934103362223_1202896_51069280_340381_n25861_934103227493_1202896_51069258_5096678_n

I need a bubble bath and a glass of wine.  (Now that’s my idea of adventure!)

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Margaret said...

I miss the years when they were all under our roof every night and riding bikes was the scariest thing they did.

Tonya said...

It's good to see those safety lines attached to the girls! And Margaret, you'd better not show these pics to your younger gymnast daughter or she just might have to try this out! (Maybe better than rock climbing, though...)

Heidi said...

I would have SO loved to have done this when *I* was young, but now that I have my own children I've become a fraidy-cat. The thought of my OWN children doing it definitely freaks me out.

That being said, every time I see pictures of your girls, I'm struck by their beauty.

Goofball said...

it looks exciting though....on the pictures while sitting on the sofa

A Slice of My Life said...

Oh my...this makes me think that Kaitie's rock climbing hobby is tame!

To echo Heidi, I'm always struck by how beautiful your girls are.

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