Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How to have the perfect flat tire

Step 1: Ignore the slightly funny, very easy-to-ignore noise as you drive home from work.

Step 2: Forget to mention said noise to your automotively gifted husband that evening.

Step 3: Head to your physical therapy appointment – which happens to be at a gym – the next morning.

Step 4: As you drive to the gym, ignore said noise again.  Also ignore the nagging, something-just-doesn’t-seem-right feeling.

Step 5: Endure the intense pressure on your aching gastrocnemius muscle.  Enjoy the ankle massage and heat therapy.  Revel in the guilty pleasure of the gossip rag.

Step 6: Say g’bye to your PT friends and appreciate a few of the brawny, built, buff ProClub employees on your way out.  Privately deny that you, a 53-year-old woman, even noticed them.

Step 7: Start your car, back out of the parking spot, and notice that something now most definitely doesn’t feel right.

Step 8: Get out of your car and notice this:


Step 9: Decide that you-are-woman, hear-you-roar, you can change a silly flat tire.  You’ve been working out lately and you have new muscles of your own, thankyouverymuch,

Step 10:


Step 11:


Step 12:


Step 13: Be glad that this is right around the corner.  Also be glad that there’s no internet access there, which means you can’t very well work, but you can prepare a blog post.


Step 14: Get to work late and appreciate your good fortune amid your bad fortune.

Step 15: Thank JJay and Josh PROFUSELY for both fixing your flat tire and brightening your day before noon. ;-)

Thank you, JJay and Josh! 

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Tonya said...

Hmmmmmm. Definitely worth it! (From another 53-year-old who NEVER notices such things...)

LBaum83 said...

I'd say that is definitely the way to have the perfect flat tire!

Grandma L said...

Oh come on now, you can't fool me. You flattened that tire on purpose. Heeheheheheee teehee

Goofball said...

hahaha I love grandma's remark. I become suspicious too :)

Maria said...

Well, I'm not in my 50s and I most definitely noticed straight away. :)

jen said...

UH, I have a flat tire and I need help. Please send the guy in blue.

Holy Moly, Carol. Talk about turning lemons into a nice tall glass of lemonade.

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