Sunday, April 25, 2010

Searching for Search

Last Thursday I became my own person (or blogger, anyway) by switching domains to (instead of a “blogspot” URL).  It’s been great, except for one thing: I can no longer find ANYTHING on my blog via search, which is a tool I use a lot when referencing previous posts.

Now I get this, every time I search for something I know is on my blog:


Can anyone help me?  Blogger help has been no help at all…

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Goofball said...

no idea

I search in the itself, never on my output (the blog people see).

Snooker said...

If you don't have it already, download the Google toolbar into your browser. Then go to your website and input your search term into the Google bar. To the right of "Search" is a drop down arrow, choose "Search site". That should get you. Also you can put a Google Custom Search on your site. Google it! ;)
While you're there, do a little research about adding your site to Google so that it is more easily searched by others. The changeover probably didn't do nice things for you in that regard.

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