Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Unscrewed, unpinned and deplated

Remember this?


On December 8th that hardware store inside me will officially be dismantled and I will be screwless, plateless and pinless!

I can hardly wait!  (That long plate is driving me absolutely bonkers!)

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Anonymous said...

I have pins in my leg and ankle like that, but they've been there for 22 years and they aren't ever coming out. I'm glad yours can.

agategal said...

It amazes me (and frightens me) how long it takes for broken bones to heal (at our age). No damned wonder I'm always nervous about hauling dirty laundry down three flights of stairs to our "laundry dungeon."

Carol said...

Well, MOST bones don't take this long to heal. Apparently the ankle takes by far the longest since the whole structure is so complex and since it's a weight-bearing collection of bones. I guess that combination is just treacherous.

Thank goodness I didn't know that when I first broke it. I remember when the doc told me I'd need surgery and be non-weight-bearing for 12 weeks, I thought he was insane... AND I thought that after 12 weeks I'd be good as new. HA!!!!


vailian said...

You may become pinless, but it may not be painless! Good that you have such an extensive support group!

Rebecca said...

YOUCH! That looks.....uncomfortable to say the least.

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