Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Building Bridges

A new bridge is being built for Microsoft in Redmond!  With a hundred and some Microsoft buildings in Redmond alone, there’s a whole lot of connecting to be done, too.  The Microsoft campus spans both sides of the 520 freeway, both north and south (and far beyond), and for those of us who work with a variety of Microsoft business groups and in a variety of Microsoft campus locations, we’re constantly criss-crossing the freeway.

At the end of 2010, this bridge will be there to make our lives easier! (Notice the mass transit train on this schematic?  Ha!  Wishful thinking!)

Bridge Graphic (2)

Yes, we have to wait about 18 months since construction began, but this promises to be a pretty bitchin’ bridge!  (Can bridges be bitchin’?!)

I walked from my office to one of the many Microsoft cafeterias today to meet a friend for lunch and happened to catch a few shots of the construction (locations 1 – 4).  Then, on the way home, I grabbed a few more (locations 5 and 6).

Here’s a little tour for you.  First, of course, a map:

Marked up

And some pictures (click on above map for locations/directions of the photos):

1.) This is pretty much my view of the construction hub from my office parking lot.  It’s no Coke commercial.  ;-(


2.) The view across the freeway from Microsoft building 22.


3.) And back toward one of the other many Microsoft buildings (this is building 43).


4.) Yes, that’s a Microsoft security vehicle.  I wonder if that car stops hackers?


5.) Do not snap photos while you drive! Only stunt drivers like me should do attempt such insanity.


6.) Snapping photos while changing lanes is especially stupid .


It’ll be a nice bridge once it’s finished, but until then it’ll be noisy and dirty around the construction zone.  They could at least provide us captive workers a little incentive entertainment, don’tcha think?

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