Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elisabeth says the title for this post should be “Get this hideous table out of this house!”

I was thinking more along the lines of “For sale, cheap: beautiful inlaid oak dining table with two upholstered arm chairs and four upholstered side chairs.”


We got this table in 1988. It was our first major “fine furniture” purchase and we’ve treated it with kid gloves and obsessive protectiveness since then. I’ve always loved (and still love) the inlaid wood!


But apparently it’s akin to a wedding dress with sleeves (which mine had) or parachute pants (loved those too). In other words, according to our kids, it’s “soooo 80’s” and it’s time for it to go.


This is what we’re replacing it with:

table chairs

…along with this sidebar (which Tom and Kat already put together, so this is the actual piece in our dining room):


But until we get rid of – I mean bid adieu to – our old dining set, we can’t do much with the new one.

I was asking $450, then I decreased it to $350 and now it’s a “make me an offer” deal! To my local readers... interested?

Addendum: The next week, this is what it all looks like (and the old set is sold!):


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Heidi said...

I actually WOULD be interested. Very interested. Except for 2 things: 1) my husband currently doesn't have a job and we have absolutely NO income (or benefits for that matter - sucks) 2) our formal dining room is currently a playroom and probably will be for another year or two (in other words, we have no place to put it or store it).

I actually really like it. :)

vailian said...

I think you are crazy to sell it. Remember, at 20 years a thing is dated, at 30 years it becomes a treasured and valuable antique! (Just like people!)
Your kids are going to remember growing up at that table and will, in about 6 months, rue the day they told you to sell it.
It is beautifully made and in unbelievable condition. I suspect it is lighter than the new one (thus easier to move around when you start getting feeble), and those pillars and crossbar on its replacement are going to drive your knees nuts.
If I were on the same continent, I would rush over and pay you for it. And then, in about 2 years time, would sell it back to you or your contrite offspring at a handsome profit. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd just store it for a few years if I was you. You've got young adults who will be setting up their own households in a couple years, and they are going to need a place to sit and eat.

jen said...

Dude, what are you going to use for those famous dinners with everyone under the sun? I'm so jealous of those dinners. I like the new one, but vailian is right. Store it.

Carol said...

This one has a fold-out leaf, so the table is ultimately just as big (and -- gulp -- grandkids can all sit on the bench!). No room to store the other table... have you SEEN our garage?! And as far as one of the kids wanting it, THEY insist no one would even pay $100 for the set!


vailian said...

Hey Carol, I will ask my sister, she might be interested.

Anonymous said...

How nice to be so rich as new adults that they can scorn free furniture.

Carol said...

That's it. Blocking anonymous posters now.

Susanne said...

Carol,I love your new diningroom furniture, it looks great.
My kids would have made the same comment about the old set...lolol.
Enjoy many happy family meals....

Anon said...


Margaret said...

I do agree that the kids might some day need it, but if you don't have room to store it,it's a moot point. I do confess that I do like it--and all the memories it holds. But it's fun to move on and change too. I'm torn.

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