Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DO fence me in. (Oh, and cut the phone lines and almost kill yourself while you’re at it!)

I’ve been begging for a split rail fence in the front yard for three years (it was my favorite part of our original re-landscaping design), but Tom has insisted all along that the fence is pretty much the last thing to do and I’d have to wait until the rest of the yard is pretty much done. The fence, he’s said all along, is more like the cherry on the sundae or the frame around the painting.

(Fine. HE never said that; he only implied it. Kat actually vocalized it… because she knows how to turn her dad’s thoughts into visual poetry.)

So guess what Tom did last weekend? He generously created a beautiful split rail fence, exactly as I’d envisioned:

We bought the rails already “pre-punched.” They match his gorgeous garden shed pretty well, don’tcha think?


He stained both the rails and the posts so they can withstand the wet Pacific Northwest weather.


Then he rented a post hole digger and started digging. Was he looking out for phone wires? Most decidedly not… IMG_0842

As he hand-finished those holes, did he run into two severed ends of what seemed to be our phone line? He might have. I’m not allowed to say.IMG_0831

(But can I just say right here that, had he run into severed wires with that powerful post hole digger – let’s just say… and had those wires been live electrical wires -- well, I get sick just thinking about it…)IMG_0909

He certainly wouldn’t have gotten to this peaceful part of the project.


And we wouldn’t be appreciating this beautiful new fence because we’d be… oh, maybe planning a funeral! (I’m not feeling so good…)


And sure, I’d end up finishing the fence, but I’d hate it.


Not love it like I love this fence.


I’m fine with a dead phone line. As long as it's the only dead thing around here. (But we probably should get it fixed, eh?)

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Anonymous said...

It wouldn't have taken more than a phone call to get someone to come out and mark the various lines on your property (besides which, it's the law).

Carol said...

We certainly didn't mean to evade the law! We just plum forgot, dammit! (Believe me, we will never forget again!) The contractor did do that with the original remodel, of course.

Anonymous said...

The power company around here has signs all over that read: Call before you dig.

I'm glad he didn't hit electricity and die. That would suck. Hopefully, that planned railing got installed on the steps to keep people from dying on your front porch before he put up the "cherry on the sundae" fence. Just sayin...

Lorrene said...

Oh my gosh!! Did you ever touch a raw nerve. Sorry that happened.
Your place is positively a paradise.

Lilly said...

Anonymous, how refreshingly blunt your comments are... but I wonder if you're feeling a little crabby today? What fun it must be to go from blog to blog leaving anonymous comments....

Carol, the fence looks great! and I'm glad Tom didn't get hurt also.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to comment on your blog, Lilly. Got one?

Tonya said...

Anonymous, you angry TROLL, you! If you have a blog, I'd love to come by and wave hi!

Carol, the fence is gorgeous! It really completes the picture, doesn't it? Very glad everything turned out OK. (Who needs landlines anymore, anyway?) :o)

Margaret said...

I love the fence and geeze, we all make mistakes. I'm glad that Tom's wasn't too bad--just cut phone lines.

Renate said...

Lilly, If your comment was aimed at me (the first commenter on this thread) I have you know that I tried to sign in, as usual, but couldn't succeed. I'm not going from blog to blog to leave nasty comments. I was just trying to pass on some information (which, as it turns out, Carol already knew. I'm not at all in the habit of leaving anonymous comments.

Goofball said...

so you have internet via cable ??? glad Tom is fine and you finally got your lovely fence

Shriyansi said...

That must've been a really sickening feeling. I'm so glad he just cut the phone lines! It's all good Karma Carol! :)

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