Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Changing with the seasons

Last Fall I snapped this photo from my office:


Fall had arrived.  Warm, bountiful, gorgeous.

A few months later, I took this photo:


Winter gripped us.  Bleak, cold. barren.

Then I fell here (at home)…

Where I slipped

…and for the next few months I worked on campus at Microsoft because I couldn’t easily get up the long, steep stairway to my office.  Just as well because I was treated to this:


By summer I was back to my office, and I snapped this photo:


And today, you know what I noticed?


If you look very closely, you can see the beginnings of…


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Goofball said...

leaves have turned already a bit more here...more yellow, they never turn nice & orange in our regions :(

Heidi said...

Wow, the view out your window reminds me VERY much of my old view when I was working at MS. Fall is definitely in the air. I'm still hoping we'll have a few days of summer before we get into serious fall rain though.

Margaret said...

I used to hate fall, but now it's one of my favorite seasons. I can't even explain why. I like having ALL seasons; they each have their charm.

J said...

Great pics, as always :)

I noticed it here at the beginning of Sept, when I had to drive 45km north of MyCity for a presentation. Living in the center of the city, I don't see a lot of trees and hadn't noticed it before that.

Here comes the W word.


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