Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cats are just WEIRD!

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Goofball said...

cat owners can be strange too....maybe try not to put a towel on your head if it triggers the cat to jump? or throw some water.

Must be that the cat owner likes to be a cat perch!

Anonymous said...

I SO need a cat. (Which means that I SO need to move to a place that allows them! Unfortunately not going to happen anytime soon.)

Tonya said...

Yes, they are. That's why I love them!

Anonymous said...

Why yes Goofball, I imagine she does think it's cute/funny and doesn't mind. Otherwise, she could, you know, just shut the bathroom door? LOL

My old cat's "tricks" these days seem to consist of just finding odder and odder places to curl up and sleep. Kind of sad ...
Thanks for the cute video!

Goofball said...

Hey Carol, are you ok? Almost one week without blogging makes me worry about you!

Mike said...

Love it.

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