Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My famous green daddy

My dad is a bit of a celebrity around Ashland, Oregon.  Maybe that’s just an adoring daughter speaking (I grew up thinking he looked just like President Kennedy!), but I have a feeling he gets plenty of stares and waves as he makes his way through town in this:

Green daddy

(The full article can be read here.)

Yup, Dad is Mr. Environment and I’m pretty dang proud of him for it!  How many people do you know who sell a Prius because it’s not quite green enough?!

"This is a time of change,” says my 81-year-young father in the article, “and I consider the ZENN ideal for Ashland's size and hilly terrain." 

Dad gets 35-plus miles per charge and accelerates rapidly to the 35-miles-per-hour top speed, which allows him to zip around town at the speed of traffic at a cost of about 1 cent per mile!

Want to learn more about the Zenn?  You can, here.

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Goofball said...

Hmm I need to order a new car....let me think...

well I think I need more than 35 miles per hour top speed, but other than that it sounds like a fun city car

Anonymous said...

Cute car! Dennis would love an electric car but we couldn't even get from our house to Safeway without driving under the speed limit due to the limitations of the car. In another few years, when electric cars can go a bit faster, my guess is they'll be hugely popular. For now, we're happy to be a 2 prius family :)


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