Friday, September 01, 2006

Best Friends

Boo, our kitty, and Shasta, our Golden Retriever, are best friends. They play and roughhouse for hours at a time, sometimes just frolicking like this, sometimes actively playing hide and seek all over the house, and sometimes falling asleep together mid-frolick!

There are even times when I see a gold and gray streak pass by me and realize that Shasta has Boo in her mouth and is dragging him along the slippery hardwood floors. You can almost hear a dim "Wheeeeee!!" as they pass by!
We have three cats, yet Boo isn't interested in them, nor are they (an "ice princess" and an old, senile lady) interested in him. Shasta's much more fun for Boo and I haven't figured out yet whether Shasta thinks she's a cat ot Boo thinks he's a dog -- or whether either of them care one way or another, as long as the frolicking continues!

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