Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Heartbreak and Love at 16 (and 19 and 22 and 16)

I knew something was wrong at dinner, but it was only after dinner, when I ever-so-slightly reprimanded Aleks that I knew that something was really, REALLY upsetting him. Turns out he broke up with his girlfriend, Kelsey, today. I remember Love at Sixteen, and no matter who's the break-upper and who's the break-uppee, it HURTS. I remember, when John Naber broke up with me at 17, being more shattered than I've been since, even though the relationships I've had since have of course been far more mature.

There's just something about teenage heartbreak that stays with you forever.

Now if and when Peter and Danelle ever break up, we'll have a real catastophe on our hands... because I'm willing to bet they'll get married. They've been together for two years and no one can see either of them with anyone else... NO WAY!

And my girls?? Well...

Elisabeth met Ben at 16, and at 19 told my mom that she'd "marry him someday." She broke up with Ben her freshman year in college when they were at different schools in different states, but I really still have a gut feeling (as does she!) that she was right that someday... Hopefully she'll get the Seattle territory this year and then -- well, who knows!

Kat, my "baby" (well, one of them; she's Aleks' twin) fell hard for Ian, Elisabeth's college housemate:
...but she knows that --for now, at least -- he's really too old for her. He's in grad school this year and she has yet to complete high school. But I think they'll always have something for each other. Ian, being the good guy he is, knows Kat's too young. Who knows what will happen in a few years, but for now...

...well, *right* now she's at Adam's house -- again. Adam just graduated from high school last year and seems like a really nice guy. Now if only she'd bring him around more! (She just called to tell me that his mom made the two of them dinner and she'll be home a bit late... hey, I can make dinner, too!!)

Dang, weren't these four JUST babies and toddlers?! Seriously, it was just yesterday that they were all toddling around around the house, playing hide and seek. Time is such a strange thing!!

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