Monday, September 11, 2006

It's True: They Grow Up Too Quickly!

My little girl somehow grew up.

How did my feisty little urchin become this beautiful, confident, successful young adult? When did that happen?

She was always spirited (yes, I read Your Spirited Child) and far too smart for me to keep up with. At 5, she could debate me silly, leaving me reeling, wondering how she managed to systematically debate her way to exactly what she was after. And curious... goodness -- even now, at 22, "why?" constantly sprinkles her conversations -- with herself, with us, with the world. And that constant questioning is what got her into Cal... and graduated from Cal, with a double major, in just over three years!

While still in school, she landed a job with a medical device company and has been training in Bloomington, Indiana for four months, all expenses (rent, laptop, cell, travel, etc) paid. In the next few weeks she'll find out where her permanent territory will be. She requested Seattle and we're all crossing our fingers, hoping she'll come back home! Today her Dad and I are going to look at a house she's hoping to rent, assuming she'll get the territory. Thing is, this girl has ALWAYS gotten exactly what she wants! Sometimes she lucks into it, sometimes she finagles it, and sometimes she works very hard for it, but she always gets what she wants! So there's no reason to believe that she won't get the Seattle territory (along with a brand new, adorable car... gas paid -- me, jealous?!). We'll find out next week.

She and I have had some rough patches, usually the result of her being so dang much smarter and more stubborn (a lethal combination!) than me. When she was 4, she had the defiant hands-0n-hips thing down and she sometimes drove me nuts with her... well, with her spirit!

And now, almost 20 years later, we're best friends and confidants and I'm crossing my fingers so hard that she will get the Seattle territory so we can meet at the corner Starbuck's for coffee and adult conversation.

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Betsy said...

Oh, how exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her as well!

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