Wednesday, September 20, 2006

She Leads a Charmed Life, I Swear!

For the past week I have been tied up in knots and completely preoccupied. Elisabeth has been training in Bloomington, Indiana for the medical sales device rep position she landed before she graduated from Cal in May. We've known all along that after the three month training period she'd be given a permanent territory somewhere in the US, but she had very little choice where. She interviewed for an open position in Seattle because they're splitting this territory, but she knew that she'd be flat-out lucky to get that position as a new rep -- especially because Seattle is such a forerunner in the medical field.

But Elisabeth's life has always been a combination of very hard work and damned good luck, and she (and we) were confident enough about Seattle to grab the most adorable little house in Seattle when it became available for rent -- even before she knew for sure! It was a risk that we decided was worth taking.

Well... you guessed it: she got Seattle!!! My baby is coming HOME!! This is huge. It probably means that she'll settle here and...... that she'll marry and have babies here! It means that I can call her and we can meet for coffee on a moment's notice... that she has a refuge... that I have a refuge... that her siblings can get close to her again (or, in Aleks' case, finally?).

I feel like I just stopped aging.

(Yeah, so accuse me of living through my kids... today, I'll accept the critique!)

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Betsy said...

Wonderful news! It sounds like it wasn't just luck that got her this job, though, she's really earned it, hasn't she?!


Dixie said...

Oh this is wonderful! What a great thing to have her right by you again!

blackcrag said...

You are lucky to have her close again.

I am one province away from my parents, and miss them terribly.

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