Monday, September 25, 2006

Making a Home Back at Home

A week ago, we didn't know if Elisabeth's home territory would be in Seattle or Biloxi. Not even three days ago, she arrived home. Tomorrow, she'll have her own household in a cute little blue house just outside of Seattle.

What a weekend! On Saturday, Elisabeth bought a beautiful bedroom set, a couch and some other major furniture pieces. Today, she bought everything from rugs and mirrors to a dustpan and broom. And tomorrow she and Kat, who I gave permission to play hookey (this is such important bonding!), will buy things like picture frames, candles and throw pillows ("the fun stuff").

Here's a pictorial history of the weekend:

This is the couch that Elisabeth bought (with Kat's approval).
This is the dad "gathering strength" to load the couch that Elisabeth bought.

After a mere few hours of sleep, we were at it again -- with a little help from Starbuck's!
Two days of shopping and a couple of thousands of dollars (hers!) later, we were all beat.
Kat and Elisabeth couldn't resist the cozy comforters at Ikea.
They'll be up all night, "playing house" like they did like they were little -- but not.

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1 comment:

Betsy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Good luck with all the odds and ends that inevitably pop up after a move!

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