Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday Night in Small(ish) Town America

For my expat friends, here's a bit of nostalgia from home: a Friday night high school football game! Our local high school, the one at which our twins are juniors, has more spirit than ANY high school I've ever known... including mine, and man, we were spirited! (Or maybe I've convinced myself that we were, since I was a varsity cheerleader way back in -- gulp -- 1974!)

Do these pictures bring back any nostalgia? The students spend hours before the game painting themselves green and blue and dressing up in ornate -- and ridiculous -- costumes. By game time, many are barely recognizable! The students all squeeze into one section of the stands and CHEER during the entire game -- with GUSTO! Each class has a motto and each student has an individual nickname on his or her shirt, usually affectionately referring to some embarrassing moment that the whole school knows about!
And what high school football game would be complete without the band?

Blogger's being moody again, so I'll continue this theme in my next post...

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