Friday, September 15, 2006

And now I'm just whining

ADDENDUM to the previous post: I had brief conversation in the bathroom with a "blue-badge" (employee... as opposed to us orange-badged contractors), a fellow team member this morning:

Me: Hey! Howya'doin'?
S: OK. How was the boat adventure yesterday?
Me: Huh? Not sure what you mean...
S: The whale watching trip? The team-building stuff? Was it fun? I was under the weather...
Me: A whale watching trip?
S: Oh. (she turns red... then white...) Never mind. Never mind. (She heads quickly for the door...) Never mind.

Come to think of, it's absolutely DEAD around here right now.

And... a quick office check indicates that I'm the only one on the team here at 4 PM on Friday. Hmmmm -- I wonder what entertaining field trip they're all on now?!

I know this whole contractor/employee mandated separation thing has a history and business implications, but I do believe that the price is HUGE in terms of productivity and morale.

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1 comment:

Dixie said...

Yikes. They want you to do first class work and give you second class treatment.

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