Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wanna Buy a BOAT? (Discount for Bloggers!)

Anyone? Anyone...?

Really -- it's a NICE boat!! We're asking $13,995, but will give any Blogger Buyer a $500 dicount.(Will not ship -- ha ha! -- to Europe... sorry!)
It's a 1996 Mariah 215 -- 21.5 feet long. Great for wakeboarding, tubing, etc.

If the kids hadn't grown up so fast, we'd still be playing on it...!

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Unknown said...

Hi ya Carol!

After your lovely comment, I wandered over to see how you were doing. The boat made me a little jealous. There is a nice river not from our new house. Unfortunatley, the new house requires new windows - so no new boat!

You can get a free Site meter from You just paste in the code to your blogger template. Warning though, it counts you every time you visit your own page.

christina said...

What? No shipping to Europe? Darn - my husband would love that boat. Only problem is that there's not water around here to sail it on!

Betsy said...

Commenting on Claire's comment: I use Site Meter too and have been happy with it. and you can get it to block specific URL's so that it doesn't track visits from computers you use regularly. (You can do that in Manager > Ignore Visits.)

Happy weekend!

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