Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fifty more tidbits

Okay, okay! FINE! Apparently "50 Things" just doesn't cut it. It has to be "100 Things." This post will definitely take me days to write!


51.) I have lots of patience for other people. I have none for myself.
52.) I was one of the first 5 members of what's now Disney Interactive. (It was called "Walt Disney Personal Computer Software" back then, and it was a teeny-tiny division of WDEMCO, which stood for Walt Disney Educational Media Company.)
53.) On a related note, I was once pinched on the butt by Donald Duck. Actually, it was the guy who did Donald's voice for like 40 years, known to all as "Ducky Nash." He was a dirty old man!
54.) I was a developmental psych major in college. My graduate degree is in education with an emphasis on media.
55.) I sleep with a pillow under or between my knees.
56.) I had my twins after a full-term pregnancy. In fact, I was induced. They weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 7 pounds 6 ounces. When they were little we called them Pebbles and Bam-Bam. They're now 5'1"and 5'10" respectively.
57.) My happiest years were the years when I was home with 4 kids under the age of 5.
58.) I'm scared of the empty nest years.
59.) I'm super ticklish.
60.) I love the smell of plumeria.
61.) I hate math. I can't think mathmatically. Math makes NO sense to me.
62.) I love reading and writing. I can't NOT write.
64.) I am pro-choice.
65.) I believe that what people do behind closed doors is no one else's business
66.) I type with two fingers -- really, really fast.
67.) I am agnostic.
68.) My mother died on Easter morning. Our Golden Retriever died on Christmas morning the same year ('04).
69.) That dog's name was Tahoe. Our current Golden's name is Shasta.
70.) I played the flute pretty seriously when I was young. (I should start playing again.)
71.) I was the Educational Design Consultant" for the Blue's Clues PC games. I love Blue!
72.) I love having my hair brushed.
73.) When I was a camp counselor for first graders, I'd take them to the park and they'd take turns brushing my hair and giving me very um... creative (ouch!) hairstyles.
74.) I've been drunk. Hated it. (But tipy's fun!) I've tried weed. Hated it. I've tried coke. Hated it. I think I just prefer life-as-is.
75.) My hubby's cousin's husband's brother is Harrison Ford. I've never met him.
76.) My mother's cousin died climbing K2.
77.) My mother spoke "Bayerish." When she really got going, it sounded nothing like "hoch deutsch."
78.) Lamb is my favorite food. I refuse to eat it.
79.) I think George Bush is scary.
80.) I was a total flirt in high school.
82.) We have a cat who's 22 years old. She has a senile, loud, horrific meow that scares people. I think her time is nearing...
83.) My mom made me wear dirndl dresses and braids when I was little. It was so embarrassing!
84.) I remember my mom crying while she vacuumed the livingroom carpet on the day Kennedy was shot.
85.) I've fallen in love at first sight.
86.) I'm addicted to Starbucks. Good thing I live in Seattle!
87.) I love marzipan.
88.) I used to wish my aunt were my mom. My cousin wished my mom was her mom.
89.) For the past few years I've believed that I'll someday die in a car accident. Can't shake it. Hope it's not true.
90.) I love flying but I have acrophobia.
91.) I went out for almost a year with an Olympic gold medalist.
92.) I hardly ever eat breakfast.
93.) I love to scrapbook.
94.) I absolutely can't sleep in. I wish I could.
95.) I can ride a unicycle. Or I could... haven't tried in a while!
96.) I'm very picky about pens. It has to be the Sanford uni-ball ONYX, fine point. Preferably black.
97.) My parents' four kids were all born between 11/29 and 1/6.
98.) I can't draw worth beans.
99.) I hardly ever watch T.V
100.) I can't believe I thought of 50 more things!

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Berlinbound said...

Thank you for stopping by ... I hope you'll visit again.

You wouldn't know the film ... it was only released in Europe - and I do my best to forget it anyway.


Dixie said...

Now do 100 again in a year! Heh!

There was so much on your list that was making me say "Oh me too!!". :)

Betsy said...

Glad you did this-- it was fun to read and MAN did I ever need the diversion today! Thanks!

(Oh and congratulations on your daughter's graduation! What a milestone!)

Beecham Motors said...

OH thats was wonderful to read, its very cleansing to define what really makes you as a person, right? I bullied by Pattycam Watchers to do their 100 things too, and we found that we sat there thinking "I didnt say this, or I meant to say that too" so some of us wrote even more. lol

See #12 on my 100, haha.

Don't be scared of the empty nest, it's all good, and they will come back and drop food and wine into our mouths (I hope) later on.

ps. do the Aussie obesity thing!

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