Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Option #6?!

This can all go either of two ways: either I have a few career options... or I have none. What looks so promising now could all fizzle into nothing, leaving me unemployed.

But there's now a possibility #6. A Seattle software company that makes PC games exclusively for girls called me regarding an open producer position. I have a phone interview with them next week.

I had coffee today with the co-worker who suggested I work as a vendor directly for him. Turns out (I think) that he wants my networking connections, as he thinks we'd be a good team, with me "making the contacts and getting our feet in the door" and him "doing all the technical work." Sounds a little fishy to me!

So, I'm juggling 6 balls at the moment: My MS contract job, which is not only temporary and contract, but which I've basically re-defined, with my boss' apparent support -- or apathy; the online early reading company job -- which is the one I want the most, I think, assuming the conditions (read: mula) are right; the American curriculum for the Aussie production company's childhood obesity project (which definitely pays the most, but would be a potential day-to-day nightmare); the partnership ("Health Media Studios") with my former boss, which I'd love but the money is anything but secure; a consulting position with a Houston production company that just landed a 10M NIH grant, and the girls' game company. Oh, and #7 -- my co-worker's proposal.

Why do I -- who's been accused of being a "hopeless optimist" -- have a feeling all seven balls could well come crashing to the ground?! It's all a waiting game -- especially this week, while the Aussies are making a decision regarding who they want to go with.

Thank goodness I have a day job!

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Crystal said...

I am also in the job-hunting game at the moment, I had an interview last week, and tomorrow I've got another interview. I'm happy to have had all this free time and time to travel and stuff, but I am definitely looking forward to heading back to the office again.

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