Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On edge at Microsoft

A few minutes ago, at just a few minutes past noon, when most of the department was at lunch, there was a LOUD (and I mean LOUD) explosion right outside my office door. My first thought was, of course, "Crap -- now they're targeting Microsoft!" (Hey, it's not an outlandish possibility...) I remained as calm as I could with my heart racing like crazy and (stupid me) ventured out into the hall, along with a smattering of others, to see what it was. No smoke. No funny smell. No dead bodies in the hallway. No blown-to-smithereen PCs (or Dell laptops with bad batteries). Nothing out of place.

It's still a mystery, an hour later. And while security was called just to be on the safe side, I wonder whether we'll ever know what it was. Which makes me a little nervous. And now my office mate, who has the maturity of Tweety Bird or Road Runner (and the intelligence of BillG) is playing various .wav files of explosions, with the speakers cranked way up, just to be funny.

I will never figure out the average MS worker.

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Betsy said...

Wow! Scary! Good thing it was a false alarm but still kind of weird that you don't know what caused it. Any urges to head home and telecommute? At least you'd be escaping your trigger-happy colleague!

Once at Caterpillar's office in Moscow we received a package that was ticking! Have never been so terrified in my life! And we were all standing around it like complete idiots just staring at it wondering what to do next.

Finally someone brave (stupid?) opened it and revealed a box full of promotional items, among them a couple of snazzy Caterpillar alarm clocks...

Carol said...

Yeah, they say it was a lightbulb blowing out. But hmmmmm... even though said lightbulb isn't lit, it isn't broken, either. Plus, it was WAAAAY loud! How could a frikkin lightbulb make that much noise?!

Believe me, I telecommute all I can... and it looks like I'll take the Aussie job soon, so that will be ALL telecommuting!

MS is just plain mean-spirited, cut-throat and back-stabby. Not my sorta place.


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