Saturday, August 05, 2006

Late Summer Reading

Went to garage sales this morning and SCORED on some late summer reading!

Any reviews or recommendations as to what I should devour first? The Maui book is for hubby, since he's completely obsessed by the place... but the rest are mine! I'm thinking that I'll begin with A Thousand Days in Venice -- An Unexpected Romance. Has a familiar ring to it... ! The Loose Canons book is a hoot! It's filled with quotes from defiant, feisty women... which is why I gave a copy of it to my mom a few years ago. This one, though, is mine! My favorite quote so far is, "Nature gives you the face you have when you are twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But it is up to you to earn the face you have at fifty." Maybe THAT should be my blog tagline! The Nicholas Sparks book is among the only remaining books of his that I haven't read. Just finished Two Weeks With My Brother. Loved it. Sea Glass is by the author of The Pilot's Wife, which I thought was great. (I read it on the plane to Germany in 2001 -- that felt like a very short flight!) I keep picking up Best Friends at Target and putting it back again... but for a buck, I'll read it! I've been curious about Five People You Meet in Heaven since Mom died. She absolutely, positively experienced something extaordinary as she went through the process of dying, and now I seem to be intrigued -- though hopefully not in a morbid way -- with the whole subject. The Frank McCourt book? I dunno -- caught my eye, and I know that he's highly regarded. And Europe Through the Back Door? Need you even ask?! I'm going back... but likely not per anything in that book. I got it for my son (uh-huh!). He and his buddies invited Rick Steves (a Seattle local) to their advanced German class... but alas he couldn't make it because he was -- yup, traveling!!

Isn't it odd that the "books" section of my profile barely has any books in it, yet I'm an avid reader? I swear, I always forget the titles of the books I read as soon as I'm finished reading them. But I have a feeling a few of these might make it onto my profile list.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from another Seattle resident (well, not really Seattle, but Maple Valley). Just recently stumbled across your site. I am, like your mother, a person with "A German Childhood, An American Life", although I was not born until the very tail-end of WWII. I will be ordering Ernestine Bradley's book and looking very much forward to reading it. Have you ever read anything by Ursula Hegi? She, too, grew up in Germany and now lives in the States.

Dixie said...

Oooo...I looooove Ursula Hegi. I've read pretty much everything she's written.

I love good, fluffy summer reads. I love those mystery series books and down 'em like M&Ms.

Betsy said...

You sound like you're really busy right now so I'd go with Sea Glass-- Anita Shreve's one of my favorite authors always good for a quick, thorough escape.

Plus, I think that it takes place in the house that's featured in the Pilot's Wife.

The others look interesting too-- you'll have to do book reviews when you're done!

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