Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bottom Lip Way Out

I'm pouting because the rest of the family did this (photo sent from Kat's cell as she was thigh-deep in Lake Washington!)...

...while I stayed at home and responded to a proposal from the Australian company who wants me to develop a curriculum for the American schools. The current product includes an animated movie, an animated DVD and a beautiful poster. The movie is fine (just needs to be segmented into academic-sized chunks), the poster is gorgeous (but could use a "board game" designed around it), but the DVD game, while visually GORGEOUS and very entertaining for kids (superheroes address the childhood obesity epidemic), is educationally completely off-base, with poorly-written questions and inappropriately-placed content. This potential job represents an opportunity for me to quit the big MS (although, as of Friday, I have another potential opportunity there!) and to earn twice as much hourly. However, I refuse to put my name (and stake my reputation) on something that is downright incorrect. I'll only write curriculum around the game if the company agrees to revise the product per my recommendations to make it educationally appropriate and correct.

What to do, what to do?! In any case, I need to keep all these balls in the air -- which is why I had to forego the Blue Angels today, because it's up to me to support the family and put the next three kids through college. (One down, three to go.)

Which gives me an idea for the next post: How my hubby switched careers at the age of 45, from environmental engineer to environmental artist, and traded money for happiness.

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