Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Thanksgiving celebration in 99 photos or less

Family, friends and food – what could be better?

The Preparation:

 IMG_2072 IMG_2080 IMG_2085 IMG_2088 IMG_2091 IMG_2123 IMG_2150

The Friends:

IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2051 IMG_2076 IMG_2117 IMG_2129 IMG_2161 IMG_2166 IMG_2223 IMG_2235 IMG_2242

The Family:

IMG_2044 IMG_2045 IMG_2048 IMG_2070 IMG_2074 IMG_2094  

The Fun:

IMG_2032 IMG_2115 IMG_2154 IMG_2237


The Food:

IMG_2039 IMG_2097  IMG_2104 IMG_2151 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2183 IMG_2185 IMG_2187 


The Aftermath:

IMG_2118 IMG_2193 IMG_2195

Hope you had a festive and fun-filled Thanksgiving! 

And to my dear friends and co-workers in Mumbai who don’t have us to bug you and boss you around for two whole days/nights, this post is dedicated to you! 

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Marco said...

Now that's what I call a feast! Great to see you guys had such a fantastic time--we were all thinking of you, fer sure!
And the quietude here on the work front is deafening. We're enjoying it while we can. :-)

Margaret said...

Great times and I love sharing them with you through your photos!! Lots of happy people and delicious looking food.

Sam said...

wow - it certainly looks as though you had a great time!! We don't do Thanksgiving over here in the UK, but that's what it will be like on Christmas day!

Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Carol! It always looks like such a party at the Snider house!

I hope you enjoy your time off!

Goofball said...

your family seems so much fun, so welcoming, ... No wonder there's always so many people that would love to join you at the table!

Lynn said...

What a wonderful family! Carol, you're giving your kids such great memories and an amazing photo record. Your feast looks fantastic! We had 11 here for dinner too. Both kids & their spouses (for the first Thanksgiving ever) and wonderful longtime friends we haven't seen for five years. Like yours, it was such a special day. Unlike yours, we won't have as many great pics!

See you soon! We're looking forward to our upcoming wine-tasting weekend.


Heidi said...

The Struwelpeter was a topic of conversation in our house at Thankgiving as well!!!! Strange coincidence.

Looks like a wonderful time and wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing your family with us. :)

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