Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy birthday, Laura!

Just a few months after coming to live with us in Fall 2005, Laura, our German exchange student – we like to call her our “third daughter” -- celebrated her 17th birthday with us (here with Aleks and Kat).


Today Laura turns 21!  Has it really been five years?  My current home office is in the room Laura lived in, which we still call “Laura’s room" and probably always will, even though it’s also been Kat’s room and Elisabeth’s room.


Mount Rainier (26)


We just called Laura who was busy celebrating with friends in Freiburg, Germany where she’s currently in medical school.  When we talk with her, it’s as if no time has passed, but I’m sure the day will come when Laura calls to tell us that she’s getting married… or having babies… or that her kids are going off to college.  I just hope we’ll stay as close through all those years.

laura 030

Thanksgivingweekend (29)

Some of my Facebook friends have been asking what we use to make the spaeztle that we cooked last night and that I mentioned on my status update.  Slight coincidence here: we use (and love!) the spaeztle maker given to us by Laura’s family for Christmas, 2005.


Happy birthday, Laura!  Come back soon!  We love you and miss you!

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Tonya said...

Yet ANOTHER one of those "moments," Carol — last night I'd read your FB post and mentioned to John what you were making for dinner and we had this long discussion on how spaeztle is made, and how his mom and grandma made it and I thought, "hmm, sounds sorta tedious." And then you show the spaeztle tools! I showed them to John and he was really impressed. But I thought it was funny that ONCE AGAIN there's a similar thinking-track happening!

Goofball said...

it's fantastic that you keep such a strong bond with your exchange daughter! Keep it up. It's so precious

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