Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. (via Skype!)

My dad and MaryLou got married this afternoon! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make the trip to Ashland, Oregon because of kids’ school schedules, distance constraints and other factors that made our presence there impossible. But thanks to Skype we were almost as good as there, lighting a candle with family and friends and toasting to the happy couple.

It was a brief and beautiful ceremony. Dad and Lou each read the same poem to each other (Rilke, I think) – Dad in German and Lou in English. I’ve rarely seen my dad choked up, but he definitely was! I’m sure that what goes through an 81-year-old groom’s and a 77-year-old bride’s mind during their wedding ceremony is vastly different than what goes through 20-somethings’ minds. They’ve done this before – both relatively successfully – and they know what marriage means in ways that no young couple could ever know!

Dad and Lou, I love you both and wish you continued bliss for many years to come!

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Sam said...

how absolutely lovely - I wish them many happy years!

Goofball said...

yeaaaaay for such happy events. I toast to love now (with my hot cup of evening tea ;) ). congratulations to the couple.

Margaret said...

They certainly don't look that old and what a beautiful thing!!

Jen said...

Congratulations to them both! And happy Thanksgiving, Carol! Sorry I haven't been around much - it's been a crazy fall.

Rositta said...

Very touching, wish them many happy years. Happy Thanksgiving...ciao

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