Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coolest blogging tool EVER!

My dear friend and trans-global co-worker Marco introduced me to a very cool (and very sticky!) blogging tool last week, and because I like you so much I’m gonna share it with you. But don’t go blabbing it all over!

Ok, fine. Blab this one all over because really, that’s what blogging’s all about, right?

It’s called “Linked Within” and here’s what it does.


At the bottom of each post you add, it automatically places thumbnails and links to three related posts (based on your tags) that your readers might like. So those three thumbnails that I circled come from previous posts I’d written that shared at least one of the current post’s labels. Nice!

My main critique is that I’d like to see the ability to specify a time range for which posts are featured with the Linked In app. I’ve had this blog since June, 2006 and have written exactly 1,274 posts so far. Wouldn’t it be cool if the widget could pull some of my earlier posts rather than all recent ones?

As I write this last sentence, I have no idea what three posts will appear at the bottom of this entry, but I assume they’ll all be related to blogging or writing since those are how I’ll tag this entry. Let’s see…

(Post-publish addendum: hmmmm - looks like they need to work on their tag-correlator! But still, it's a pretty sweet tool!)

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Margaret said...

That would be fun for me to see, even if other people aren't interested in the other posts. hard is it to download?

Carol said...

Margaret, it's super-duper easy! I downloaded, installed and got it going while multi-tasking!

Just follow the link in the post; you'll be up and running in no time!


Goofball said...

have seen a lot of blogs who do that but with just hyperlinks to are more attracting

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