Saturday, December 20, 2008

Since We Still Have Power (Though it IS Flickering)...

...I thought I'd share a few photos that I took this evening.

The snow is coming down hard, but in light, shiny pellets:


Taken from the same spot a bit earlier, when Peter was doing his laundry and the warm air from the dryer met the cold snow:


Is that Poltergeisty, or what? "Come into the liiiiight!"

The view from the living room. Tom re-named Chris Moose "Ernest" JUST so he could say that he was "watching it snow in Ernest." (@@)


Here's Tom and Aleks watching it snow in Ernest: IMG_0299

I light Omi's candle once a year, on Mom's favorite day of all, Christmas Eve. I miss Mom most during the Christmas season. She would have loved the snow in Washington during the holidays because it would have reminded her of her native Bavarian Christmas.


The mantel looks so pretty tonight. Prettier than usual, I think. Must be the snow! IMG_0307

And if you get the Christmas tree in the photo, it's even prettier. Well, except for Aleks' feet. Can you believe he's hanging out in shorts and bare feet? What a warm-blooded nut!


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Goofball said...

that's a lot of lights!

Jen said...

Your house always looks soooooo beautiful, Carol!

Your deck looked much like ours during our big storm, although we don't have all those lovely decorations!

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