Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monster Icicle and Depth-Defying Snow

OK, so I'm just a tad dramatic.  But look at this!

This icicle has been forming outside our bathroom window for the past week while the temperatures have stayed below freezing.  Fed by long, steamy showers (grrrr!), it's at least 6 feet long and it just keeps growing and growing!


It snowed (but hardly blew) all night last night and we woke up to snow deeper than we've seen in our 15 years in the Pacific Northwest!



And it just keeps on coming, positively dumping as I type this! 

The forecast is for snow all day today and on and off for the next two days, at least.  Peter fortunately made it home over the Cascades in his trust 4 WD Subaru during a short break in the weather last Friday, but Elisabeth is "stuck" (quotes because she's safe and happy with CJ) in Seattle without a reliable, safe car (she has a car; it's just not safe or reliable!), so we're hoping for a break in the weather long enough for us to pick her up on Tuesday because we absolutely can't celebrate Christmas without her!

I'd been hounding the kids to get seasonal jobs so they could earn some much-needed college money, but at this point I'm just fine with them being safe at home.

Are you sick of Pacific Northwest weather posts/photos yet? 

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Anonymous said...

Isn't this just crazy???? We've got a couple , monster icicles too, I guess I should whip my camera out and start documenting this stuff!

Happy Birthday to Tom and thanks so much for the generator guarantee, I wasn't looking forward to being out of power last night. :)

Anonymous said...

The only time I remember having more snow than this is the dump we got on February 1, 1989. We got 18 inches that time. My younger son, who was 16, went inner tubing down some hill, hit a "but Mom it was just a small" tree feet first and broke both his legs. Exactly a month later we got another dump, followed by freezing rain. That was the night my Mom had some kind of seizure and it took the rescue squad more than an hour to get her to the hospital because of the icy roads. Hope we can avoid the freezing rain this time!

Carol said...

OMG, Renate! That sounds positively horrible! Fortunately, we're just enjoying the weather from our (fully powered, thank goodness) home.

Susan -- take photos! Or video of that Jeep I keep seeing whip by the front of our house... ;-)


Young Momma said...

lol I've been wanting to move to Seattle so bad and now I'm questioning my sanity! lol

Anonymous said...

This is nuts, isn't it? I'm watching it come down on this Sunday night and I'm just shaking my head. I'm a snow chicken so I'll be telecommuting again tomorrow. (Getting kind of old!) I miss the freedom of hopping in my car and going wherever without having to stew about it.

Your mantel and tree are sooooo beautiful!

Goofball said...

wow, this doesn't look at all like I picture Seattle. Seems like there's massive snow all over northern USA (west & east) no??

I'd break off that icicle though, it creeps me out. What if it becomes to heavy for the roof???

I really really hope you get to spend Christmas together!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sick of posts about the weather, I'm sick of the weather! Yes, it's beautiful but it sure did put Christmas on hold for a lot of people. Down here in Dallas, Oregon we're stuck in the house. We've had a few power outages but not long enough to get too cold. Hopeing that today will start the thaw.

I really enjoy your blog. Read it every day.

Margaret said...

I remember the snows that Renate is writing about. Feb 1st and March 1st--when we thought we were done with snow. I also remember a big storm when I was pregnant with my now 22 year old. I don't remember it keeping snowing so heavily though. (in those cases it was one dump and then cold to keep the snow/ice around) It is pretty, but I'm ready for it to go and anxiously watching the forecast. I too have to pick up my daughter, her boyfriend and their cat on Wed. in Capitol Hill. I want rain!!

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