Friday, December 19, 2008

Guest Phoblographer: Kat

I wish I had Kat's photographic eye.  I wish I had Kat's photographic talent.  I wish I had Kat's photogenicity!  (Is that a word?  Come to think of it, is "phoblographer" a word?)

Kat went outside with her camera for a few minutes this morning and came back with these:

...starting with the all-time best photo ever taken of Boo!  Is it not obvious why I'm all a'twitter?  (Oh wait -- bad choice of words.  You didn't hear that, Boo.)


Yeah, so some of it is clearly her Nikon D-40.  But c'mon, does this girl have talent, or what?


Now see, I don't think I would have even seen this snow-crested leaf as photo-worthy...


This photo of Shasta was taken when Kat told her it was time to go inside.  She clearly didn't want to!


As opposed to this look, when she's asked if she wants to play outside:


Christmas Dog! (Who does not want to go inside! and is... hiding?!)


"Winter Light."  Eh?  10

The Seattle weather report predicts that this stuff won't melt for many days yet -- maybe even a week. They're gorgeous up close, aren't they?


Bailey is a weird cat.  She seriously puffs up and down according to her mood and the weather.  She's such a... FEmale!


Leaf.  Snow.  Sunshine.  Rockin' photographer... a great combination:27

Forget my lame Christmas card!  Here's Kat's:


 (Needless to say, please don't steal these; they're Kat's.  She IS very generous and would probably be willing to share, though.  Just ask!)

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Young Momma said...

Beautiful photos! I want snow! lol Your dog is adorable! I think my dogs would freeeak!

Christine said...

Wow! This is the way my photos always turn out in my head. Never in real life.

Way to go, Kat!

Anonymous said...

It truly is a talent. (Plus a good camera). But MOSTLY talent in knowing what constitutes a really good photo. (And making it happen!)

Anonymous said...

WOW--these are as beautiful as any stock photos we use. Kat is such a talented photographer! Is she planning to go pro? At the very least, she could license images to stock libraries.


Maria said...

Amazing! She really should go pro. :)

Goofball said...

these pictures are truly wonderful. Real postcards that make you dream away

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