Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear thnow: pleeth thaw!

It's been almost two days since snow last fell and the Seattle region now has a nice, slow thaw going.  It warmed up slowly and only slightly, and the rain came down softly instead of in a flood-producing torrential downpour, so we're well on our way to normalcy (normal/icy?) again.

Everyone in the Puget Sound is on their way back to normal, that is, except for us in this same little rural pocket that had to wait nine days to have the power turned on after the huge windstorm two years ago, while we were in Hawaii

Streets in Seattle are now clear and the little snow that's left is melting quickly.  Redmond still has some snow piled on sidewalks, but basically it's back to normal too.

And then there's us, way out here in Woo'ville.  This was the scene in front of our house this afternoon as we were headed out (or attempting to head out) for a quick shopping trip in town.  If we hadn't been wanting to get out of our driveway, seeing this plow would have been a sight for sore eyes!  IMG_0603

No worries, though.  A big virile man with a shovel lives here!


No sooner had Tom dug us out that we saw this coming around the corner again: 



And then we were contending with this: 


I opened the car door and this is what greeted me -- snow almost coming into the car!  IMG_0619

And I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow for the first time since all this weather hullabaloo started on December 16th!  The thing is, with snow only still really being an issue in a few small pockets around the Puget Sound, will my boss really believe him if I tell him I'm still snowed in?


And really, after two weeks stuck at home, cabin fever has begun to sink in and even a trip to the office is sounding quite adventurous right now.

My car is still at the bottom of the driveway completely covered in snow... car snow I think I'll ask that big virile man to drive this helpless maiden to work tomorrow.  By New Years Eve, this should all be behind us.  Unless there's another storm on the way. 

There's not, is there? 

Because that really wouldn't be funny at all!

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Jen said...

What a mess, Carol! We're lucky - we had some warmer temperatures and it's all gone.

Margaret said...

Wow--you have kept a lot of your snow. Ours is gone, except where it's been plowed into dirty sandy ice mountains. It has been a relief to not wear boots or drive in all wheel drive. I hope that you can get out and around SOON. (by yourself!)

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how much snow you have left. What a mess! There IS another storm on its way for New Year's Day night, but no snow...just very strong winds (and rain). That could be very interesting, too...Jeesh.

Goofball said...

wow that's so amazing. A bit tooo much I'd say!!

although I am still amazed that our 4 inches of snow are still blinking to me outside. We had one morning of snow and then 10 days of freeeeezing temperatures so we had the joy/luck to have the white landscape to stay. Fortunately all roads are clear and no snowed in cars here.

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