Monday, December 01, 2008

*R*A*V*I --> *Real *Artistic (and) *Very *Intelligent!

He did it again, bless his heart! 

Ravi, the art lead in our Mumbai office, sent Tom and me this beautiful and immersive piece of art-copy for our anniversary last Spring:


Flip it over in your mind.  What do you notice?

Yup!  Like I said, he's creative and most definitely an out-of-box, artistic thinker (which makes me wonder how he can work on Microsoft Silverlight demos, case study templates, product datasheets, and marketing battlecards all day). 

A few weeks ago, before Mumbai was so violently turned upside down and inside out by sheer evil (it permeates my thoughts constantly, so I can only imagine how our team in India feels!), Ravi told me that he was working on something for my family. 

Today I received this:


Is that absolutely so cool, and so creative?!  I love it!

Thank you, Ravi!  Thank you for your wonderful artistic ability, your challenging word puzzles (quick -- solve: "avian specimens of identical plumage congregate at equidistances"), and your quirky jokes.  But thanks even more for your warmth and friendship! 

You -- and all our dear friends in Mumbai -- are much appreciated... especially now!

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christina said...

Wow, that's amazing! What a wonderful gift.

Jen said...

Birds of a feather... ;-)

What a creative friend. How lovely that you're getting to share this wonderful cross-cultural experience.

And thanks for bringing in some sunshine about Mumbai in the midst of this dark, dark time.

Sam said...

that is an absolutely fabulous image - he'd make a fortune if he sold them!? Does he?

The Tech Feed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aristarkhos said...

RaaaaVeee is a dude. ;)
Totally self taught artist. Amazing talent. He makes great illustrations too.
Miss that ol' dawg already. :(
And D...

@Sam - No, I don't think so. I wish someone tell him to. But I think he just loves doing it. Period. :)

(I commented with the wrong ID. Tch!)

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