Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Put Your Wife into the Holiday Spirit

1.) Know, intuitively, that she had a stressful day at work.  Know that the to-do list populated way faster than she could cross items off it.

2.) Know that the freezing temperatures in Seattle have made her nervous about driving -- especially in the immediate neighborhood where there are hills and ice (not a good combination).

3.) Know that she's excited about the 90% chance of snow tomorrow -- not because a snow day means no work (no chance of that for her!), but because a snow day means no business dress, no commute, and no make-up.

4.) Knowing all those things, take it upon yourself to put up the outside Christmas lights, complete with the family's old friend, Chris Moose under the Christmas palm tree so your wife comes home to this (notice the almost-frozen waterfall):


5.) Hang the wreath on the door...


and be standing on the other side of it, with this  - a mug filled with hot buttered rum.


6.) Invite your stressed-out wife to sip hot buttered rum with you and your kids, looking upon this...


and this:


7.) Know your wife well enough to realize that, while she loves and adores and appreciates you, seeing this is what melts her l'il ol' heart:


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Goofball said...

ok I had a rough stressful day....not let's make that a rough stressfull month.

So when you hear the doorbell, it's me coming over to your place!

Jen said...

Awe... a love story indeed! What a sweetie!

jennifer said...

Wow, did he really do all those things? Putting up the outside lights would be enough for me (as if I'll ever get THAT to happen, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, OK thanks for the laugh there).

Great story (*jealous*)
I think he's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

What a guy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, jealous. My guy's pretty great about MOST things, but Christmas ain't one of them. I'm "it." Sigh. (And tired).

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