Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

...but creating the atmosphere tends to happen over the span of quite a few days. This weekend, Kat and I pulled all the holiday boxes out from their under-the-steps closet, played holiday music, put up room decorations, and made cookie batter. Tom, Kat and I (are you getting the feeling that Kat's been enjoying being the only one home?) bought a tree and put up lights and garlands.

Still to do: put decorations on the tree and bake/decorate cookies! We'll wait for others to come home before doing that.







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Young Momma said...

You look like your going to be super busy! You've got a beautiful home and I love your decorations! Cuuute dog!

Margaret said...

I wish I had had a child home to help decorate. *sniff* My younger daughter called from Western today to talk about finals(2 left)and was a little upset that I didn't wait for her. (but the tree had already been sitting on the porch for a week!) Are we the only ones who have real trees these days? We bake our cookies on Christmas Eve day. We're also talking about making candy, which we haven't done for a long time.

christina said...

Decorate? What's that? I'm still putting away the little ceramic pumpkins from Halloween! I love your organization system. Unfortunately I'd have to hire someone to do that for me since it would take me the rest of my life to get anything looking that good!

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