Monday, March 03, 2008

Vampires Would Hate Me

A few weeks ago when I had eye surgery, my veins decided to hide. After I walked into the operating suite and "jumped onto the table," per the nurse's instructions (yeah, it struck me as a little odd too!), the anesthesiologist proceeded to do his thing, which included finding a vein into which to inject whatever it was that would put me to sleep. I was fine with him hunting all over my arms and poking me here and there on both arms and both hands, but the constant, "Damn, I don't know why I can't get this!" and "Finding a vein shouldn't be this difficult!" started to get to me after a while and finally I requested that they give me some "sleepy gas" and then continue the quest for a vein -- which they did.

Turns out that I was pretty severely dehydrated, since I'd been fasting since midnight and the surgery was at 4 PM, and that's why they had a such hard time finding a vein.

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson!

Today I went for my regular OB/GYN check-up and because of Mom's ovarian cancer, part of my check-up is a blood screening for ovarian cancer, called a CA-125. (Which, actually, isn't a good screening tool at all for the normal population, but because I'm considered "at risk," I have a CA-125 test yearly.) I should just have the damn ovaries out, but I'm just not ready yet. I know they're done doin' their duty, but there's something about having those out that bothers me and I'm simply not ready yet.

But that's another post.


I'm sitting there, ready for the blood draw. Now, blood draws don't normally bother me a bit. I'm not one of those people who gets squeamish about them and they're usually a piece of cake.

Today, not so much.

Turns out that it was almost 2 PM and I hadn't had any water (or any liquid except a cup of coffee) since the previous evening. You'd think I'd learn! So, yup! They can't find my veins. First one plebotimist and then another, both inserting the needle, then maneuvering it all over, looking for an "in." But the "in" never came, no matter how hard they tried.

So, with needle marks up and down my arms, I'll head back tomorrow morning to try the whole thing again! But tonight I'll be drinking water. Lots and lots of water!

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Diane Mandy said...

Ugh! I hope it goes better for you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

A vein story!

I have a blood draw phobia and it was all I could do to keep reading.

p.s. I had both my kids via natural childbirth ONLY because I hate needles.

Sad, ain't it?


Anonymous said...

I stopped giving blood because those yahoos at the Blood Center never could get a good vein on the first try. The third time after coming home with a bruised arm, I finally said "enough". To make matters worse, those times they had trouble, they didn't manage to get enough blood and had to throw out what I gave.

Jen said...

Water is always good for EVERYTHING! All that rain in the Northwest soaking into your skin doesn't count. ;-)

blackcrag said...

I'm hearing a song... Carly Simon... "You're So Vein!" No?

Just so long as you can explain all those needle marks to your new employers.

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