Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's a Love-Hate Relationship

Both my relationship with this phone and with technology in general. When it's intuitive and streamlined and useful, I adore it; when it's a pain in the ass and confusing and grouchy, I hate it.

This phone and I will get along just fine, once we agree that I am boss, that I call the shots, and that changing, hiding, and deleting stuff willy-nilly is NOT funny.

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Jen said...

My husband uses a Treo, and it keeps calling me out of the blue, even though he has key lock on. Go figure!

vailian said...

I want a Palm smartphone, but the only reason is that the Palm Desktop schedule program is one of the finest software creations in the universe.
Evidently the Palm phones are crap though.

Lynda said...

My husband is technically challenged sometimes - when he got his Blackberry, he was very excited and kept sending me messages with the subject: From The Blackberry Master.... we renamed him the Raspberry Master and so he has remained ever since.

kim-d said...

Okay, I'm laughing over lynda and her Blackberry/Raspberry Monster...HAHAHA! Which is all that is keeping me from breaking out in hives from just looking at your phone :)!

I just took the leap from a flip phone to a slider. Just learned how to text (but I may become The Text Mistress...hey, wait--that doesn't sound right). I would like to have a really cool phone, but I do know I would end up with hives!

kim-d said...

Oops! Lynda--I'm so sorry! I meant your Blackberry/Raspberry MASTER...not "monster." Oh heavens! All I can say is, it's very early here...

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