Friday, March 21, 2008

Do You Want to Report Your Non-Problem to Microsoft?

This cracked me up! For a few moments this morning, I couldn't connect to the Internet so I asked Windows (Vista... need I say more?) to "diagnose" the problem.

This is what came back:

"Windows did not find any problem with your Internet connection. (OK, cool! Thanks.) Do you want to report the problem to Microsoft? (But I thought you said there WAS no problem?!) Additional details about what went wrong can help create a solution. (But wait! You told me there's no problem, so why would I need a solution?) The report will be sent next time you go online. (But see, I AM online because... well, because, according to you, there's no problem!)"

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Jen said...

Microspeak is always fun to analyze!

Anonymous said...

That gave me a good giggle.

Anonymous said...

It's not saying there wasn't a problem with anything, just not one with your Internet connection.

Unknown said...

LOL! Gosh, I sometimes hate Microsoft.

Goofball said...

I had that this week too. It didn't want to synchronise the agendo to my mobile...but MS did not find a problem, yet sent a report :)

kim-d said...

I really, really, really don't want Vista. At least not for a really, really, really long time. Ya know what I think is a hoot? The anonymous "It's not saying there wasn't a problem with anything, just not one with your internet connection." I detect just a hint of peevish-ness in that comment. Do you suppose it is Vista himself, commenting? And you KNOW Vista is a him. BWAHAHAHAHA. How many ways was I politically incorrect in this comment? I am sorry. I'm just in a really good, carefree mood, and I was missing you so I thought I'd drop by and sprinkle a little pixie dust in your comments. :)

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