Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things That Aren't Fair

1.) I've been swimming regularly (30 - 45 minutes, 4 - 6 days a week) since before Christmas and I don't see any change to my body or my weight. Tom has been swimming regularly since January and he looks more and more chiseled and studly every day.

I can't think of a #2.

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Anonymous said...

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G in Berlin said...

As I remember, swimming is one of those sports that doesn't really impact fat %age. Total bummer, eh. Something about needing the fat to be in water. Sounds like the husband is increasing his caloric consumption to the point that the fat layer is decreasing and muscles show through. I definitely agree: not fair! As I feel when my husband doesn't go to th gym and loses weight(!!!)while I do the same and get fatter.

surfie999@gmail.com said...

fairly common issue......increase effort is a part solution, but efficient swimmers may not always lose weight, unless the training intensity is quite high. Add some simple stretch cord work or light dumbells [ both will help the swiming]. Cut out some of the potatoes and other carbs from the diet might help too. BUT......do not stop!

J said...

It's all in your mind. You're still madly in love with him and he just keeps getting better looking to you every day :)

Jen said...

I think that kind of thing is typical at our (cough, cough) age... sigh.

BUT... your heart is OH-so-happy for your swimming and you're getting more and more fit, whether the body size is decreasing or not.

Maybe try some weight training along with the swimming? I know if I don't do strength training three days per week, the pounds and silhouette don't change.

Anonymous said...

I swam every weekday morning before going to work for years and didn't lose any weight. However, it is an excellent no impact cardio workout. Being in water that is cooler than your body temperature makes your body want to hold onto the fat to keep you warm.

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

Are you sure?
Maybe if you were to take a pic of you now and compare it to a Christmas pic, you'll see a difference.

Could be the change has been slow, but is there?


Anonymous said...

You've got to increase your effort to see body changes from swimming. Merely swimming X number of laps will not do much. You've got to add sprinting to the workout. Try sprinting half of your laps (and by sprinting, I mean ALL out, everything-you've-got at a level you can't sustain for longer than 1 lap), and then swimming the return lap as a "recovery" lap very slowly. Alternate the sprinting/recovery laps and you WILL see changes.

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