Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blogging is Easy. Writing is Hard.

I've blogged every day without fail since last October, and if you don't count a lapse of a few days here and there in September when I was in Germany, I've probably blogged daily since last July or so.

When NaMoBloMo came around in November, I was pretty much oblivious to any challenge and, like Dori or Forrest Gump, I just kept going, posting faithfully day after day. I never regarded daily posting an obligation; instead, writing was a very enjoyable addiction of sorts, even a form or meditation or therapy for me.

Recently, though, I've stopped writing. I've continued to blog, but I really can't say that I've written much -- certainly not much of substance. And I've begun to feel an obligation to post daily. This is all self-inflicted, of course, but it's taken away some of the joy of blogging for me.

I want to get back to writing -- and that might mean a little less blogging. Life is crazy-busy these days, and if I continue down this path I'll not only continue to lose readership (where did everyone go?!), I'll enjoy myself less and less and I might even (gasp!) eventually stop blogging. Which means I'd stop writing -- and that's something I never want to allow myself to do.

So be patient with me as I take a small step back, perhaps blogging less, but in hopes in hopes of writing more.

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blackcrag said...

I'm still here. But I find I have little to say, on most blogs I read right now. I will rediscover my usually verbosity soon.

As for blogging... I have always thought it more important to post because you have something to say than to post for the sake of putting words on the screen. This seems to be the same conclusion you've reached. It keeps writing fun, not a task.

Lynda said...

It certainly depends on what is happening in the 'nonblogg' world for me - But I have enjoyed at least attempting to blogg everyday - good therapy.

Jen said...

Blogging should be a joy, not an obligation. And I'd be very cranky if I didn't get my personal writing done each day.

Diane Mandy said...

I feel the same way! Thanks for writing about how I've felt blogging lately.

Betsy said...

blog traffic is a fickle thing. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.

I can totally empathize with how you're feeling lately. You're right-- blogging should be fun and not an obligation. Give yourself a break, take a little breathing room and come back to us only when you really want to.

I for one will still be here! :-) (I've been spending less time blogging / reading blogs lately but haven't forgotten you!)

christina said...

This may sound really weird, but if you want to increase your readership, I say blog LESS, maybe every few days or so or even only once a week. I have a ton of blogs on my list that I try to read when I can, but I find I simply can't keep up with the ones that post every single day and I think a lot of people feel the same way. It's just tooooo much, if you know what I mean. If I miss a few days, there's so much to catch up on that I end up just skimming and not really savouring them as I might do with someone who only posts once in a while, you know?

And yeah, if it starts to feel like an obligation, it's definitely time for a little break. :-)

kim-d said...

I really enjoy everything you write about, or blog about...all of it. I feel like I'm starting to get to know you a little, and I like you so much. That's why I say: you have GOT to do what YOU want in regards to YOUR blog. This might be an awful thing to say, but it's my truth--deep down inside, I don't even think about my "readership" when I blog, because my blog was never intended for a readership; when I started, it was just for me. And I never really even thought that somebody might possibly read it! But now that I have a readership, too, I still blog for me--and those that like what I write and want to read and comment, can. And now, to me, it's like talking to old friends, and it is definitely a different blog now from the one I started. But still on my terms. If that makes any sense???? And the reason I told you this long, involved story was just to let you know that it is my opinion you should blog and/or write however/whenever/whatever YOU want. And I will be here.

Anonymous said...

Is there any particular reason you want to blog every day? There's no reason you should have to post if you can't write the way that you want to.

I did Nablopomo and really didn't care for the pressure of writing something just because I had to. Do what makes you happy. And try not to worry about who comes to visit :)

She-She C said...

Cutting back is okay, just don't quit blogging altogether. You got me into this, you can't desert me now. Plus, I sooooo enjoy your blogs I'd go into serious withdrawal if they discontinue.

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