Sunday, January 27, 2008

My New Addiction (Glug Glug)

Tom, Kat and I went to the gym today -- Tom and I to swim and Kat to work out on the machines. She finished before we did and while she was waiting for us, she took this video. We're the ones doing the crawl -- Tom on the right and me on the left. This was lap #40, close to my last, so I was pretty pooped. And Tom is just FAST... and smooooooth. Isn't he so smooooooth?

It's helpful for me to see this because I can critique myself and try to improve my stroke (and thus my speed). I have now reached almost full addict level, as taking yesterday off actually bothered me and I couldn't wait to get back in the water today. By the time I have my eye surgery on February 7th, I'll probably go through withdrawals for the first week and by the end of the two-week no-swim period after the surgery, I might not want to go back! That's my big fear. I can't let this momentum die, because it always takes me a long time to find it again. I am most definitely not an enthusiastic exerciser -- except in the water.

Now if only I could just swim hard and NOT be ravenously hungry when I finish, that would be great. All I want to do when I finish is EAT! Grrrrr!

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Goofball said...

wow, I joined the diving club in Leuven in October and they swim weekly (in order to cranck up our swimming condition as well) but I do not get more excited about it as time passes. You do not wish to see a movie of me swimming as the last thing you can call it is "smooooth". And I can't do 40 lapses at all. My lungs burst after the warm-up of 10 lapses already.

help, I need a motivational trainer to keep me swimming!

Betsy said...

You're looking pretty smooth there yourself, Carol! How great that you're still keeping up with it!

Don't think about post-surgery exercise routines right now-- just enjoy the exercise and feeling fit! The rest should come by itself!

Maria said...

Eat healthy and enjoy the feeling you get from swimming. :)

Jen said...

You're supposed to refuel after exercise - a half banana can do the trick.

Great that you're enjoying the swimming so much!

Blog Antagonist said...

WOW. 40 laps? Color me impressed. I'm sure I couldn't even do 10 right now. I used to be very fit, but I lost my momentum in July and haven't been able to find it again.

Good for you for doing something so good for your body!

Anonymous said...

high elbows, smoother water entry and a full underwater S back to the exit point and raise the elbows before the hands at the water exit.........ideally turn the body slightly and swim "down the arm". do not forget a few push ups to increase strength in the triceps.....a swim coach

Anonymous said...

If you want to increase your speed, you should consider "interval training", which means doing full-out sprints for 30 seconds (basically 1 lap) and then a rest lap of just kicking to recover. Do that 15 times in a workout and you'll increase your fitness level (and therefore your speed) very quickly. Interval training helps with the "fast twitch" muscles, which are the first thing to go with age. Google it, you'll see.

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