Monday, March 16, 2009

A therapeutic peek into my photo folders

I've been hit this weekend with a fairly pronounced and quite disconcerting case of melancholy.  It's March 15th, more that eleven weeks since my injury, and I'm still nowhere close to walking again.  It's been a slow realization but I'm coming to accept the fact that the recovery from a severely broken ankle is long.  Really long.  My new friends on the blog (thank goodness for them!) even have a name for the one year anniversary date of one's injury, because the injury still tends to be an issue on that date -- they call it one's "ankleversary."

I must get back on both feet soon -- I simply must -- because I spoke this morning to my dear friend Kristin, who is now on hospice, and... and... well, I simply must go to her soon, and that means getting on a plane.  


In an effort to escape on this lazy Sunday, I took a little self-guided (and alphabetical) tour through the "Events and Excursions" folder on my portable hard drive and found one picture in each folder that made me smile:

From "30th HS Reunion, 2005" here's a picture of my high school sweetheart, Mark, and me:  P1010001

From "Ashland Howard Prairie Reunion, 2007," here's Dad and Lou after he presented her with a commitment ring and promised to love her and be her POSLQ (person of opposite sex sharing living quarters) forever:  Copy of IMG_6014

From "Ashland with Kat, 2005," here's Kat on a river rafting trip we took together:  P7030073

From "Berkeley, March 2007," I absolutely must post two pictures.  This is a picture of my three brothers and me:  IMG_4081

...and this is Kristin and me, best friends since I was 12 and she was 19, a Cal student living with my family, and the closest I ever came to a sister.  God, I love her.


No wait -- here's another! Kristin with my niece, Isabel: 



From "Berkeley, March 2008," a trip to attend the memorial service for a long-time family friend, someone who immigrated to America with my parents in the early 50's and was like an aunt to me as I grew up.  I miss her. This is the view from her house:  IMG_6491

From "Blake Island, Tillicum Village, 2005," two photos.  One of the view from the boat... P8290080

... and one of Laura, our "German daughter" (AFS exchange student), whom we miss hugely, with Aleks and Kat:  P8290084

From "Germany, 2004," a trip in honor of my mother, who had died a few months previous, here's a photo of Aleks, Kat, Dad, and Leni, Mom's older sister, who is now living in an old person's home and is not her normal, happy self.  Sigh.  P9140076

From "Germany, 2007," I want to post so many photos, from my wonderful blogging friends, to Thomas and his family, to Laura and her family, to photos of the incredible places we visited!  You'll just have look here for those pictures, and settle here for this picture of a sunset in Garmish-Patenkirchen (Bavaria):  IMG_2115 

From "Hawaii, 2002," a Lahaina sunset:


And from "Hawaii, 2006," the sunrise from atop Mt. Haleakala...


From "Pend Oreille, Idaho, 2005," Shasta's first water experience:


And from "Pend Oreille, Idaho, 2007," a photo from inside my sister-in-law's cabin.  I can totally relax there!   IMG_0751

From "Pullman, 2007," a typical Eastern Washington shot:  IMG_8733

From "Seattle, 2005." (I have so many shots from Seattle, but only one folder in the Events and Excursions file because Kat, Elisabeth and I stayed downtown for four days in the condo Kristin bought for the time she spent in Seattle participating in a pancreatic cancer medical trial...  Sigh.).  Here are Elisabeth and Kat flirting with the Pike Place fish guys:  P1010369

And the last stop on my self-guided tour of my Events and Excursions folder is a photo of my brothers and me taken at "Lake Tahoe, 2005":  4siblingsenhanced

Creating my virtual, digital escape was interrupted by a 12-hour power outage last night, so I wasn't able to fully immerse myself before being jolted back into the reality of Monday morning.  But I hope at least you enjoyed the journey into my past journeys!

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Donna said...

Great pix, Carol! What fun and fond memories.

It must've been the weekend - I've been really melancholy as well and have been picking pix for my son's High School open house in a couple of months.

This is my 14th week post injury. I'm so frustrated by the slooow healing. I completely understand how you were/are feeling.

Anonymous said...

You're a youngin!! I'm 17 years post injury! Well, almost. I'm a trooper to say all troopers, so you too will get through this and get back on your feet. I think sometimes in the northwest when the melancholy hits, you guys get it worse than those of us on the other coast. It takes time to heal. I don't know what caused your injury, and I'm sure I wouldn't curse my plight on anyone, but this too shall pass. Fabu pictures!!! I wish that I could go to Germany and Hawaii!! Hehehe, where did you guys go kayaking in Seattle (That's what it looked like) I would love to go.

Goofball said...

oh my gosh, I've been at lake Pend Oreille during my exchange a couple of times (after all I only lived 2hours up north ;-) ).

I remember being a total snob about the pronunciation of the lake's name and spelling as this was clearly a pure French word :p.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the Pullman picture. I love the way the clouds almost look painted. It's a great shot.
And the Pond Orielle one makes me miss summer and home :)

Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

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