Monday, March 16, 2009

I can't think of a decent name for this post

I was supposed to go to the dermatologist on January 6th for a follow-up appointment to my two mole removal appointments, but had to cancel that appointment because I was just slightly preoccupied with other things.  When I rescheduled for March 16th, I totally assumed that I'd walk briskly into the doctor's office, be checked and given the all-clear, and walk briskly out again. 

None of those things happened today.

With Peter's help, I hobbled out of the house, got in the car, and drove to Carillon Point in Kirkland, where my doctor's office is located.  I love going there because there are always great photo opportunities on the shores of Lake Washington, and I hoped today would be no different.  I parked in handicapped parking and since I was early (because I can't gauge how long anything will take me anymore!), I braved a few steps down to small waterside park and shot these:


I love this rock sculpture called "The Family."


What a typical winter Seattle sky.


Can you imagine living in that waterfront apartment?  I lived directly on the beach when I went to college at University of California, Santa Barbara in 1979 -- for $150 a month!  I have a feeling these guys pay a bit more than that.

Unfortunately I didn't get an "all clear" from my dermatologist.  Nope -- this doesn't seem to be my year for great health.  I'll have three more moles removed on April 14th!  My doctor joked that, before she's finished with me, I'll just be one big mole-removal pock.  But I WON'T have skin cancer, and I'm just fine with that! 

On the way home, I was much more concerned with getting a good shot of Seattle across the water than I was with my troubled moles because really, I think about dumb medical stuff way too much as it is these days!  It's not a great shot, but since I made a bit of a fool of myself parking my car every which way in some hoity-toity neighborhood, I'm gonna post it anyway. (I'm sure the residents thought I was too lazy to get out of my car... I should have put up my handicapped placard!) 


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Goofball said...

well I'm glad you are making sure not getting skin cancer

and I love the rock family too!

Anonymous said...

Some great photos! I think it's been a rough start of a new year for you darling. But think, if you didn't have to go to the dermatologist, you might not have ever had the chance to see such great views.

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