Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hey, Baby. Ya want smooth, tight, and BURPY?!

I'm a Tupperware whore. Worse, I'm an '80's Tupperware whore. Here -- look:IMG_1237

Not sure what this says about me (other than that I'm a meticulously organized mom and project manager... duh!), but there you have it -- my, um... tidy little secret.

Other than canned goods, very little makes its way into my kitchen fully cloaked. In fact, I pretty much strip it all down the minute it gets past my front door.

My kids are cerealbox-reading virgins, pure as the day they tasted their first Cheerio. I never even allowed them the opportunity, poor deprived, sheltered kids that they are! IMG_1238

Even my gadget drawer is dominated by Tupperware party freebies.


Would you believe that we even used to eat on plastic Tupperware plates, from when the kids were babies until... well, far too recently. I think it was only when they were in junior high that we finally moved to ceramic plates, primarily because we'd just gotten into the habit of using plastic square plates and didn't give it a second thought.

And I'm embarrassed to tell you that it's only been since they left home that we brought our favorite Dansk dishes (which were a wedding present!) into the "everyday" cabinet -- not because I didn't trust the kids not to break them, but because I'd hidden them in the "special occasions only" cabinet and totally forgotten about them!


Pretty pathetic, isn't it?

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Margaret said...

I remember many an interesting Tupperware party, with me asking,"What in the heck is that?" You seem to be way more organized than I!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing pathetic about you! Why is the peanut butter not in a Tupperware container though??? What's up with THAT? I have to take pictures of my Mother's coveted collection for you. She has all the lids hanging on special hooks. It puts you to shame!

Your newest fan,

Sharon (from the Ankle Blog)

Anonymous said...

I've WANTED to be a Tupperware ho, but never really got the hang of it. There would always be something left over in the box or bag that I'd empty into the Tupperware and then what to do with it? And lids! Always losing them. Grr!

BTW, those dishes are absolutely beautiful. I don't see very many dishes that "speak to me" but those are breathtaking! I really like them!

AstroYoga said...

I am envious of your pantry!! I had visions of such organization, but alas, it hasn't happened, and I haven't managed to find the time. Plus, I am having a hard time finding the right sized plastic storage bins for my needs here in German.

jennifer said...

I have a huge tupperware collection, mine wasn't so much for cupboard storage (though I store most of my dried beans that way). I use my tupperware for freezer storage - make huge stews and soups and portion them out into single-meal servings then label and into the freezer.

Unfortunately after so much fill-while-hot, freeze, thaw in warm water, wash in hot dishwasher over 20+ years, many of my T-ware containers have disintegrated. Some of the seals don't fit, some of the corners of the lids and containers are cracked. So WHERE DO I FIND NEW ONES??? The online Tupperware site has a terrible selection, and no individual square freezer containers for sale. I never hear of tupperware parties, even though I watch for them on Craigslist... Hey why don't YOU host a party??? I'll come down!

Carol said...

Ohhh, Jennifer... interesting idea! I've hosted my share of Tupperware parties (it's how I got most of my stuff for free -- the only time I paid for Tupperware was at parties booked off my own party!), but it's been 20-odd years since I've done that.

I had Tupperware leftover and freezer dishes for years, but recently gave them away, in favor of my yummy Rubbermaid set.

By the way, lids are guaranteed for life, so they should replace them. Let me know if you go that route and I'll join use, as I have quite a few cracked lids as well.


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